Welcome to Muss’s documentation!

Muss is a 100% open source forum developed with Django and Ember.js.



  1. Multiple forums and ordered by category.
  2. Support to subforums.
  3. Hit count by topics.
  4. Support to topics main in top in the forum.
  5. Support to rss to forums.
  6. Search topics in the all forums.
  7. Pre-moderation of topics with multiple moderators.
  8. Support of media files for topics.
  9. Infinite scroll for topics and comments.
  10. Notifications and email notifications.
  11. Notifications and comments in real time.
  12. Django-admin for moderation.
  13. Support check user online.
  14. Support English, Italian and Spanish languages.
  15. API REST with django-rest-framework.
  16. Custom configuration css.
  17. Editor Markdown.
  18. Messages for forums.
  19. Suggested Topics in topic.
  20. Open and Close topic.
  21. Support to likes in topics and comments.
  22. Check if a user is a troll.
  23. Support Open Graph.

To start using Muss forum, check out the Requirements and next the Quick Start Guide.

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