Quick Start Guide

Download Muss forum Project

First, you need to download Muss from GitHub.

You can visit the repository webpage in Github and download it as a zip file.

You can also do the same using your terminal with:

$ git clone git@github.com:mapeveri/muss.git


Make sure you have a redis installer.

Install the requirements

Next, located in the root directory project, install the packages dependencies inside your virtual environment:

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Go to the folder /conf/ and rename file settings_local.py.txt to settings_local.py and .env.example to .env. Then configure that’s variables. These variables are to configure the database and secret key of Django.

Secret Django Key

Muss has the SECRET_KEY environment variable hidden. You can the generate the SECRET_KEY and export environment variable of this way:

Generating the SECRET_KEY

Locate in the root directory and type:

$ python script/django-secret-keygen.py

This will generate the characters combination value to SECRET_KEY

Defining the SECRET_KEY environment variable

Copy this value and paste it instead of your_secret_django_key value to the file conf/.env. With this previous step will be include your new Django SECRET_KEY inside your project

Migrating and create super user

We sync the changes to the database:

$ python manage.py migrate
$ python manage.py createsuperuser

Setup the admin


$ python manage.py config_admin

Internationalization and Localization


The default language for this Project is English, and the internationalization is used to translate the text to Spanish and Italian languages.

If you want to change the translation language, you just need to modify the LANGUAGE_CODE variable in the file conf/settings.py.

Set variable GOOGLE_MAPS_API_KEY with API_KEY value of Google maps.


Go to the terminal, inside the muss folder and create the files to translate with:

$ python manage.py compilemessages

For change the lenguage default set in settings.py the language to use in the variable LANGUAGE_CODE.


In django admin go to application site and edit record with the full url of the site (Example: http://www.myforum.com).

Configuration forum

For custom forum go to application Configuration. In the application you can change design, upload logo and favicon, etc.


Now, Go to the folder /static/muss and execute:

$ npm install
$ bower install

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